A lot of people in Québec do not have appropriate housing.
And a lot of people do not have enough to eat everyday.
A lot of people are out of work.

However, we live in a society where certain rights are acknowledged since a long time.
And if people have difficulties reading and writing, their rights are even less evident.

So it is a real big challenge for them to know their rights and to defend them.

It is why the''Regroupement of the popular literacy Groups in Québec '' (RGPAQRGPAQ: the Quebec Federation of Popular Literacy Groups represents and defends the rights of popular literacy groups to fight illiteracy.) wants to present this document.
It wants to encourage people to seek information and to defend their rights.

The first part of this document shows how our rights are reckognized in Québec as well in the rest of Canada.

The second part talks about the rights of people that have not a lot of reading and writing skills.
It ends with the third part where we talk about examples of actions taken to have better access to those basic rights.

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